Bob Walters


Executive Director, LPMA Academy

Meet The Godfather of Property Management That You’ve Never Heard Of

Tall claim? Hear me out.

Let’s start here…

Meet Bob.

I won’t bore you with Bob’s +40 years in the industry or the three pm companies he’s grown to several thousand doors.

What I would like to draw your attention to is the fact that Bob Walters jump started the professionalization of property management in Australia and New Zealand by founding and growing LPMA (Leading Property Managers of Australia). LPMA is the Australian version of NARPM.

Bob has personally consulted for +300 property management companies, and trained more than 25,000 property management professionals in AU + NZ.

Go ahead and re-read that last sentence.

When we asked Bob to speak – our biggest challenge was narrowing it down to one topic, because truthfully Bob could do a two day seminar on all things property management that would keep you captivated.

Brad Larsen suggested we have Bob speak on rent roll valuations, I wanted to have him speak on dealing with people problems, but ultimately Bob had a topic in mind that was more pressing than either of those.

Bob doesn’t grandstand. He doesn’t have a course to sell you. And he’s not trying to get in your Facebook or LinkedIn feed.

Like the sage zen master who’s soft exterior belies a deadly two finger throat punch, Bob is ready, willing, and able to dismantle your staff, operations, and growth problems. But only if you ask.

They say when the student is ready, the master will appear.

The PM Grow Summit is the perfect time to come as a student, and walk away on a path toward mastery.

Buy Bob a beer, tell him your troubles, and then start taking notes.


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